Danielle Buck

Hi I am Danielle, as well as being called Danni, Mum, Mother Goose and GG (Glamorous Granny, I like that one!) as well as My Bride by guess who?
I guess I should have another nick name, and that’s Lucky!

Lucky, that even though my Bilateral Diagnosis of Lobular and an NST Cancer (one in each Breast at the same time) was missed at my regular screening and I was given the all clear by the consultant at my local hospital, I must have a guardian angel or be lucky.

I am Lucky, because by chance, my sister and I (who by the way had just recovered from having been for DCIS) were in discussions with the genetic nurse at the wonderful Breast Institute at Nottingham City Hospital to discover whether our daughters could be at risk. How lucky was I that she insisted that they start with fresh tests to look at my chances of this terrible life shadow called Cancer with another examination that very day including a mammogram.

Within a week I had been diagnosed with the shattering and life changing news. Like so many of our group I have suffered the effects of Chemo, Radio, Drugs, Four reconstructions and a scary week in intensive care followed by anxiety and neuropathy.

However, I am Lucky. Why? Because I’m still here, surrounded by the people who love me and matter to me most. I am part of the BIG Dream to ensure that national standards are delivered in enough time to save lives.
I am lucky having met our team on Social Media by chance which has given me a cause to fight for. So get Lucky and Support LBCUK.

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