Lorna McHattie

I’m Lorna and I live in the North of Scotland. I married the cute guy who I met at the Student’s Union in the 70s. We have 2 daughters: Catriona who is married and lives with the loves of our life – Ethan (5) and Eloise (3) in Bangkok, and Gillian who lives in Sydney. My mum, Margaret was given the ‘all clear’ from her breast cancer the month before I was diagnosed.
I have a background in nutrition and public health and retired from university lecturing a few years ago.

I was diagnosed with a stage 3, 6cm lobular tumour in December 2018, just 4 months after a ‘clear’ mammogram. I’d noticed what I thought was cellulite on my breast and initially thought that I was just getting old. and swore. I had a mastectomy with immediate flap reconstruction, which failed slowly over 12 months. Further surgeries delayed chemotherapy and radiotherapy which wasn’t ideal. I continue treatment with Zometa and Letrozole. I am now living the life that my treatment has afforded me.

I want us to be instrumental in developing a diagnosis and treatment clinical guideline to help improve national standards.

I felt alone in my diagnosis and meeting the Lobular girls on social media has helped me to laugh out loud again and given me a purpose to fight for us, fight for you. Together we will make a huge difference for those who come after us.

We are Lobular Breast Cancer UK – dream your tomorrows but live your todays

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