Missed Cancers: Lobular Breast Cancer that has been missed on screening

At LBCUK, we are working with Victoria Rake, an MA Student at De Montfort University, Leicester, to understand the experience of having cancer that has been missed on scans.

How do we as patients cope during and after this experience, and what impact does it have on our health and wellbeing? A particular focus is on patient wellbeing, and how we are affected.

Victoria has interviewed over 10 women for this study and the findings will be available in 2022.

We are hugely grateful to all of the women who have participated in this study and shared their thoughts and feelings to honestly.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact
Helen Coulthard,  h.coulthard@dmu.ac.uk

Helen is a Trustee of LBCUK and has had a lobular breast cancer diagnosis

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