Have you been diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer? Did you receive your treatment in Scotland?

Are you interested in learning about different types of lobular research, and how we can work with researchers to improve knowledge of this under researched cancer? 

Lobular Breast Cancer UK (LBCUK) and University of Edinburgh have organised a free Research Partnership Day on Monday 27th June 2022.

LBCUK are offering travel bursaries of up to £50 for up to 8 individuals, to ensure the day is accessible to everyone, regardless of income.

The event will be hosted by Professor Val Brunton and her doctoral research students who are carrying out research on lobular at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Helen Coulthard, a Trustee for LBCUK and an academic in her day job, will be there for the day to talk about the research we are carrying out at LBCUK on the experience of being treated for Lobular Breast Cancer.  

If you are interested, please apply using this form by 8th June 2022.  https://forms.gle/5f2aVkY3G13weoVy7 

 Draft Itinerary

11.00am – 3.30pm Monday 27 June 2022

11-1pm MORNING 

  • Lab visit 
  • LBCUK Delphi study findings; patient consensus about diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and quality of life living with, or after, a lobular breast cancer diagnosis  
  • Patients to discuss their own experiences of lobular breast cancer diagnosis and treatment 1-1.30pm LUNCH 1.30- 3pm AFTERNOON 
  • Current lobular research being carried out at University of Edinburgh 
  • Discussion: How do we collaborate more as patients and advocates on research? 
  • Next Steps for developing the Partnership

If you have any questions about the day, please email info@lobularbreastcancer.org.uk