Research is needed to make changes in how lobular breast cancer is understood, diagnosed, treated and monitored.

At LBCUK, we our committed to working in collaboration with other researchers and medical institutions across the UK and internationally, and to producing our own patient driven research.

We have already begun our own research to understand and identify the needs and concerns of people diagnosed with lobular in the UK, and ensure that we remain patient focused as a charity.

Our future fundraising will focus on raising more money to support lobular specific research.

Research Library

Rather than duplicate resources, we are working with our international partner Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance in the United States.  You can access their comprehensive research library here featuring over 200 studies on lobular breast cancer from around the world. 

Our Research Projects

Setting Priorities for lobular breast cancer research: a patient-led consensus study

Help us to ensure we are delivering what patients need by getting involved in our first LBCUK study on patient needs and issues.

Missed Cancers: Lobular Breast Cancer that has been missed on screening

With a focus on patient wellbeing, this study, led by De Montfort University MA student Victoria Rake, aims to find out the experience of having cancer that has been missed on mammogram.

Take Part In A Trial

As part of your treatment for lobular breast cancer, you may be offered the opportunity to take part in a trial.

Trials are medical research studies that involve people. They aim to find out if treatments work well and safely on the people involved and can involve finding out if certain medicines or dietary supplements work.

They are the best way to find out the most effective ways to prevent and treat disease and potentially prevent people getting ill.
There is currently only one trial available in the UK for lobular breast cancer patients.

ROLO Trial

The ROLO It will test the effectiveness of Crizotinib, a drug already approved in America for use with lymphoma and lung cancer patients, for secondary/advanced lobular breast cancer patients. There are currently no treatments specifically designed to treat lobular breast cancer.
The trial is taking place at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, but will be recruting at centres across the UK.

For further information and to find out if you are eligible, you can contact Houman Moghadam at or
Alicia Okines at

The trial is taking place at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, but will be recruting at centres across the UK.

Current International Trials

To find out about other trials for lobular breast cancer happening around the world visit our partner Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance’s website where they have provided a database of all of the lobular trials taking place around the world

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