Our Purpose

At LBCUK we work to save more lives by unlocking the challenge that is lobular breast cancer.

Lobular is a challenge because we need to:

  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of lobular breast cancer amongst patients, the public, clinicians, researchers and health professionals;
  • Get more people diagnosed quickly and effectively;
  • Ensure that people diagnosed with lobular breast cancer
    receive the right support and information;
  • Get treatments that are specific to and more effective for lobular
    breast cancer as a distinct disease;
  • Get more appropriate long term monitoring of people following

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Our Purpose

Working together we can all live well

Our Vision

Lobular breast cancer is understood comprehensively, diagnosed effectively, treated uniformly, and patients have access to support across the UK

Our Values

  • The patient is always first.
  • We are bold and courageous in speaking up for ourselves and anyone affected by lobular breast cancer.
  • We commit to reducing the isolation and fear of a lobular breast cancer diagnosis.
  • We are evidence based in all of our communications and information.
  • We act compassionately towards everyone, recognising and accepting our different experiences and beliefs, and treating each other with care, consideration and respect.
  • We are stronger together, collaborating and sharing learning with all of our stakeholders.

Our Goals

  • Advance education and understanding of lobular breast cancer by providing information for the public, clinicians, researchers, relevant charities and the media.

  • Support people to become their own best advocate and get involved as patient advocates in research and campaigning

  • Ensure lobular specific support routes are available to anyone facing a lobular breast cancer diagnosis

  • Change UK wide policy and treatment guidelines that recognise lobular as a distinct disease

  • Work with researchers and clinicians to ensure that research conducted for lobular breast cancer meets the needs of patients.

  • Raise funds for research into lobular breast cancer

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Lobular Breast Cancer UK is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1191402 Registered office: 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ