Our Stories

Our Stories

At Lobular Breast Cancer UK we work to ensure that anyone diagnosed with lobular breast cancer lives, and lives well.
As people diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, we all have a different story to tell. Hear some shared personal experiences of living with a lobular breast cancer diagnosis.

But we don’t work in isolation at LBCUK. Only by working together can we make real changes and we are joined by our medical and scientific advisors, family and friends who support us and all of our volunteers.

Our History

Following a diagnosis of Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS), a risk marker for breast cancer, in 2014 and invasive Lobular Breast Cancer in 2017, Claire Turner, our Founder and Chair, couldn’t find any information about Lobular Breast Cancer in the UK and there seemed to be little understanding of the disease.

She approached Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance in America for information and began sharing the knowledge she found with patients in the UK. After speaking with researchers and health professionals also interested in Lobular, Claire realised that there was a need for an organisation to drive work for a change in understanding, methods of detecting Lobular tumours and better specific treatments.
Knowing that more can be achieved from working together, in 2019 Claire put a call out on social media for other people who were interested in creating this change and Lobular Breast Cancer UK began.
Five women standing next to a banner that reads Lobular Breast Cancer UK

Who We Are

Trustees & Founder members

As people diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer, we all have a different story to tell. Our Trustees and founders have shared their personal experiences of living with a Lobular Breast Cancer diagnosis. You can read about our individual experiences below.


Trustees & Founders

Emma Amos

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Helen Coulthard

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Elaine Nangle

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Non-Trustee Founders

Danni Buck

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Lorna McHattie

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Darlaine Honey

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Kristin Spencer

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Ruth Warden

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Scientific & Medical Advisory Group

One of the key challenges that we face is improving understanding, diagnosis, treatment and long-term survival for Lobular Breast Cancer. To make these changes, we require a significant amount of scientific, medical and research input and knowledge.  

Our Scientific and Medical Advisors provide advice, guidance, information and help in this area. Our long term ambition is to work with them as partners in developing Lobular specific research programmes that meet the concerns and issues facing patients.

Remembering Dr Andy Sims

We want to remember Dr Andy Sims, one of our first Scientific Advisors, a highly-respected breast cancer researcher and lovely man, who sadly died of cancer in May 2021.

Dr Andy Sims

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Our Partners 

Collaboration is one of our core values. Our partnerships and supporters are key to enabling the successful achievement of our goals.  We are hugely grateful to all of our partners.


Our supporters have helped us to develop as a charity during our early days by providing resources, knowledge and skills. We have also received support from a number of individuals who have donated towards the charity. We want to say a huge thank you to each of them.

Individual Supporters

Marge Bradshaw                    Catriona McHattie
Pauline & Vic Smith               Jacqui Taylor
Liz and Derek Turner              Billy Ward

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