Darlaine Honey

I was diagnosed in October 2016, after a mammogram picked up a ‘suspicious’ blurry area. My tumour was 13mm solid tumour with extensive multifocal ILC with pleomorphic features. It was ER/PR+ and HER2-.

I had 4 lumpectomies followed by a bilateral mastectomy in May 2017, with expanders. I had a bilateral oopherectomy in September 2017 and was diagnosed with Serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma (STIC). I had an implant exchange in May 2018. My treatment plan has now settled and I am on Anastrazole after Examestane and Letrozole.

I live in Surrey, South of England. I work full time as a Sexual Health Advisor for the NHS.  I am an advocate for Breast Cancer Now on the workflow taskforce plus Breast Cancer Now / Ann Summers/My ViV collaboration for sex after breast cancer. I am dyslexic/dyscalculic, so my spelling mistakes are all my own! I have a passion for photography and sitting by the sea. I’m a bit of a twitcher, if truth be known, as I love birds. I can make a mean artisan loaf of bread.

After being diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer, I think we all typed ‘globular’ into Google. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find the answers that I wanted because of the lack of knowledge of Lobular Breast Cancer It is a unique subtype and has been massively under researched. I want to help change this.

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