Working together we can all live well 

Working together we can all live well 

22 a Day

Every day, 22 people in the UK are told that they have lobular breast cancer, that’s the equivalent of two football teams or two hockey teams.

15% of all breast cancers diagnosed are lobular.

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Ruth shares her experience of dealing with a Secondary Lobular Breast Cancer diagnosis

Danni was diagnosed with lobular in both breasts, which was initially missed on mammogram

After pushing for additional screening Emma was diagnosed with Stage 3 lobular breast cancer

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“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much”

The Key Challenges
We Face

  • Lobular breast cancer is a distinct disease that behaves differently from other breast cancers
  • Lobular breast cancer tumours grow more like a spider’s web in straight lines and rarely form a lump, making it much harder to see on scans. As a result we are often diagnosed at a more advanced stage of the disease.
  • Lobular breast cancer and how it responds to treatment is not properly understood. It is an under-researched disease.
  • There is a lack of data about lobular breast cancer here in the UK that makes it hard to understand its full extent and behaviour.
  • Many people aren’t told that they have lobular breast cancer on diagnosis, simply breast cancer, making it hard for them to ask for the right treatment.
  • Not all medical professionals understand lobular breast cancer, how it is a distinct disease with its own characteristics, and how it responds differently to treatment.

What is Lobular Breast Cancer?

The first time many people ever hear of lobular breast cancer is the day they are diagnosed.

In our short video, Consultant radiologist Dr Soujanya Gadde explains more about lobular breast cancer with BBC News’ Presenter Jane Hill, who was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in 2018.

To watch the video, simply click on the What is Lobular Breast Cancer? link below. You will also find a lot more information about lobular and its differences from the primary ductal breast cancer.

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