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Welcome to our website

We make every effort to ensure that this website reflects up-to-date, objective and accurate facts about lobular breast cancer. It is our hope that these will complement your medical advice, help you to feel less alone as you deal with this disease and and enable you to make the right decisions for you. The information provided on this website is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that may exist between you and your medical team.

We are a UK based charity and, whilst we collaborate with organisations internationally, we produce materials that are relevant to the UK. We are not responsible for any differences in treatment protocols or guidance that may differ if you are being treated outside of the UK. Please visit our partner organisations if you are having treatment from outside the four countries of the UK.

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We strive to keep our material up to date and work with our scientific and medical advisors to remain up to date on the latest evidence based information, guided by scientific principles.

We aim to provide you with the necessary information so that you are able to make informed choices for your own treatment, rather than make recommendations about a particular treatment(s) to choose.

If you have any queries about our information materials, please contact us at info@lobularbreastcancer.org.uk

Collaboration is one of our key values and we are happy for other organisations to link to our website. However we do not give blanket permission for our material to be used elsewhere.

Linking to other websites provides useful and relevant information for our site visitors, and prevents the duplication of information and limited resources. However, it does not represent any kind of endorsement or recommendation by LBCUK of the accuracy of the content in external websites. We are not responsible for the detail of the information that other websites contain.

We will not give a favourable response to any company or organisation seeking to sell treatments or services directly to people diagnosed with lobular breast cancer which imply, suggest or claim that they can cure it.

If you have any queries about our Terms, please contact info@lobularbreastcancer.org.uk

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