At LBCUK we want everyone to be able to be their own best advocate. We want you to understand your disease, so that you are able to ask for the information and treatment that is right for you.

Across our website and publications you can read and download accurate and up-to-date information about lobular breast cancer, to help increase your understanding of lobular.

As we learn more about the needs of people with a lobular diagnosis, family and friends and medical professionals, we will produce materials that meet these needs and answer any questions. If you have any thoughts about what you want to see or would like us to be doing, please contact us.

Follow our social media channels where we will be providing workshops, information films and more.

Downloadable Information

The items below provide information that you can read when you are ready to learn more about lobular and that you can also share with your medical team.

This excellent leaflet produced by the European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium provides a great introduction if you have just been diagnosed or know little about lobular

Developed by abc diagnosis founder and patient advocate Jo Taylor, this excellent resource approved by NHS England, indicates where lobular breast cancer can spread to around the body, and describes the warnings signs & symptoms to look out for.

This template helps you to construct a letter to your medical team asking for annual MRI monitoring following initial treatment for lobular breast cancer.

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