Josie Lloyd, author and new LBCUK Patron, joins our first official fundraising challenge event Walking our Mammaries.

Josie, who wrote the critically-acclaimed novel The Cancer Ladies Running Club, is taking part in our unique walking challenge, to walk hills and mountains named after breasts. The novel idea of walking breast named mountains really appealed as a different way to raise funds for this distinct disease

I’m delighted to become the first patron of LBCUK. Having gone through Lobular myself, this charity is very close to my heart and I’m excited to become an active member of the team. I love walking and wanted to do something that got me actively involved with the organisation, not simply just a name on a website. ‘Walking our Mammaries’ is such a unique take on the charity walking fundraiser and something that everyone can take part in” 

Josie will be joining seven women, all who have been diagnosed with lobular breast cancer, to take part in the fundraiser.

Claire, Danni, Emma, Elaine, Kirstin and Helen are all our founder members or Trustees. Joy runs her own outdoor company Joy of Adventure and is our mountain guide during the adventure.

We will be walking for 5 days around the Mamores in Scotland, meaning ‘big breasts’ in Gaelic and completing our charity fundraising walk with an assent of the Pap (Breast or nipple) of Glencoe

“We thought it added a unique element to the many walking events out there,” says Claire our Chair. “There are many hills and mountains around the world named after breasts from the Tetons meaning breasts in French to the famous Paps of Jura in Scotland meaning breast or nipple in Gaelic.”

We will be announcing opportunities for people to get involved in a virtual Walking our Mammaries challenge too. Please register if you are interested by signing up for our updates on the website.

If you are interested in supporting the fundraiser, it’s easy to donate through our JustGiving page