At September’s International Invasive Lobular Cancer (ILC) Symposium in Pittsburgh, advocates and scientists celebrated the Lobuar legacy of Leigh Pate. Leigh Pate, of Seattle, began raising funds for cancer research for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in America. She went on to advocate, nationally and internationally, for more research and awareness around Lobular Breast Cancer and founded the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance. She died in June 2022.

Leigh’s work not only advanced research for this subtype, but increased support for patients with Lobular Breast Cancer, many of whom feel alone and isolated after being diagnosed following years of “clear” mammograms.

Leigh was also instrumental in launching the ILC Symposium after working closely with Lobular researchers, especially “LobMom”Colour image of two women standing next to a display board. The board contains research about Lobular Breast Cancer. UPMC Hillman Cancer Center researcher Steffi Oesterreich, PhD.

Nearly 250 scientists, clinicians and patient advocates from around the world came together for the 2023 Symposium,
including our own volunteer Jacqui Taylor and Claire Turner, LBCUK Chair.

The latest research into this distinct disease was shared at the Symposium and demonstrated the committed work that is being done to improve outcomes for anyone with a diagnosis of this distinct disease.

Patient Advocate Diane Mapes has written an informative account of the Symposium. Read more here.